Late Pick – Up Policy

We have an after school program that is in place which is where students will be placed if they have not been picked up by 4:30pm.

 Parent accountability for late dismissal pick up.

  • If your child has not been picked up by 4:30pm the student is placed in the after school program   and a $10.00 fee will be charged.  
  • The parents will be required to sign out the student in the after school daily log. The parent will be issued a receipt when payment is made as the student is picked up. 
  • “Should the student’s parent or legal guardian fail to pay the late pickup fees in excess of 3 times, the parent or legal guardian will be required to meet with the school Director to discuss after-school arrangements.  If the parent or legal guardian fails to meet with the School Director then the matter will be referred to the Office of Child Safety.”
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