Message From the Director 05.03.20

Message From the Director 05.03.20

Good Afternoon Gladiator Community,

I hope that this announcement finds you, your family and loved ones staying safe and healthy. Take time to listen and laugh with each other – it is great medicine. Thank you for being a part of the school community.

For those parents who have students taking online classes through Microsoft TEAMS and are active on the SABIS Digital Platform, we are ready to launch a new feature through the Digital Platform. The Student Learning Environment will allow students to take quizzes on material learned during the week. It is a great way to provide feedback to teachers, parents, and students. We highly encourage our students to take advantage of this opportunity to determine if they are mastering essential concepts. Again, these quizzes are important as they will provide insight to academic deficiencies. It can be a great way to ask questions during teacher office hours.

Please standby with more information from the teacher during class time, office hours, and through SDP.

For those students who are not using Microsoft TEAMS – teachers will be available to provide assistance to students during established office hours.

Attendance is very important if you are using Microsoft TEAMS so please make sure that your child is present each day, engaged and on time. Remember that time away from instruction is time away from learning. Perhaps the most important point at this time is to build routines. I respect the fact that many parents are now working from home and are trying to be parent, teacher, tutor, employee, and consoler in – chief. Take a deep breath, step outside and get some sunshine and know that learning each day is important. You are amazing!

Many of you have asked about grade promotion from K-8th grade. This is a very valid concern and the administrative team and I are completing an academic analysis, and will provide information in writing to you very soon.

Each of you are an integral piece of the SABIS International School Family. We miss seeing our students and celebrating those achievements with high-fives and handshakes. These are activities that make our day! Feel free to reach out to me @

Stay Awesome; see you soon!

Best Regards,

W. Henry

SABIS® International School - Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

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