Message From the Director Regarding SIS COVID-19 School Closure

Message From the Director Regarding SIS COVID-19 School Closure

Greetings SABIS Gladiator Community,

I hope that this letter finds you, your family, and friends safe and healthy at home.  The COVID 19 virus has had a definite impact on our way of life from jobs, health services, social interaction, and school.  It is important to heed to sound advice that is being offered by government agencies, including state and county public health services.  As you and your family continue to heed that advice-- SABIS International School will also continue to heed the advice and declarations from Governor Ducey and other state officials.


SABIS International School wishes to remain a valuable resource to you and your student(s).  We continue to offer educational services for our students through online academics by posting subject area assignments.  This process is new to our team and while we did experience some technical difficulties we are committed to the process.  Our team is offering a printed packet available for students through traditional mail.  While it is not a mandate that it has to be completed -- it can definitely help students continue with routines.  I would strongly encourage you to let the learning continue!


As a part of our assistance to the South Mountain community we are a school site for food distribution for our SABIS Students KDG. - 8th grade.  Please feel at ease to come to the school drive-way and pick -up a sack lunch from our cafeteria staff.  We want you to know that in addition to the continuation of academic services on the SABIS Digital Platform that we are also offering food services Monday - Friday from 10a -11a.  The team and I look forward to seeing you in the drop-ff area in front of the school.


The team and I want you to know that although our students are not in the building-- they remain a part of our SABIS Family.  The capacity for them to learn is great and we want to continue that process even though they are not in the building.  As decisions are made at the state level regarding school openings we will be sure to let you know via our School Messenger robo calls, school website, and other social media venues (i.e. Facebook).  We are looking forward to a speedy and safe resolution to COVID 19 and getting our students back in the building.


Until that time please stay safe and healthy!

Best Regards,

Will Henry, M.Ed.-- SABIS International School Director

SABIS® International School - Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

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