Behavior and Discipline

Behavior and Discipline

SIS-Phoenix sets high standards for behavior and discipline. The school is committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment in which all students can focus on achieving their full potential. SIS-Phoenix students and parents are asked to sign a contract to show that they understand their responsibility for creating a safe learning environment. Additionally, the school actively reinforces the value of good behavior through targeted instruction and the SABIS Student Life Organization®. Cameras installed in hallways and the cafeteria help reinforce the school’s high discipline and behavior standards.


Bullying Awareness and Prevention

SIS-Phoenix maintains a positive and supportive school environment through a team approach that focuses on prevention and awareness of bullying. At SIS-Phoenix, the administration, faculty, staff, and students all play an important role in creating a positive, healthy learning environment where bullying, in any form, is NOT tolerated.

SABIS® International School - Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

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